Active Living NSW Implementation Framework Project

Thu, 2019-09-19 10:19 -- Danny Wiggins

The groundwork on the Framework commenced with working sessions at Central Coast and Ballina.

Both successful, with lots of local interest and case studies/ implementation ideas from councils and Local Health Districts, to feed our draft framework. Worked as a Team with Laura Oakley, plus ALNSW assistance and Ministry of Health presence. Standard format for our program – clear on Councils' Strategic Planning Frameworks, showcasing local HEAL initiatives and workshopping opportunities/ constraints and solutions. Really enjoyed the plane flights and the chance to get to know new ALNSW staff.

Two final locations (Mid-North Coast and Wagga Wagga).

While the final Framework has been prepared it awaits approval before becoming publicly available. Unfortunately, the delay has meant that advice on Local Strategic Planning Statements has not been available for the first round of Statements. However, the advice, plus coverage of the broader council strategic planning requirements and on Local Environmental Plans  and Development Control Plans continues to be most relevant, especially with the upcoming council elections and the State Government's intent to require ongoing reviews.