UNSW From PLAN 4142 to PLAN 3003

Tue, 2017-05-23 11:01 -- Danny Wiggins

The five year BPlan Degree is now a 4 year Bachelor of City Planning. As a result, after well-over a decade, the fifth year course I teach, PLAN 4142 (Professionalism, Ethics and Politics), is replaced by a shorter version (PLAN 3003), in 3 X 2 day blocks, as one of four 'practice courses', while the students are in practice.

This is a welcome move for me – a challenge to distill the content and present it at three key points in the practical year: on commencemenrt of work (January), mid-way (July) and on completion (January), and it rolls-on. Still this year and the next for PLAN 4142, in transition.