Active Living in Tamworth

Mon, 2018-01-15 11:40 -- Danny Wiggins

Facilitated a one day session for Active Living NSW at Tamworth in December

A successful session with Tamworth Regional Council (and surrounding councils), Local Health Districts and health professionals. Following a keynote address from Dr. Jennifer Kent (Uni of Sydney), papers were presented by Jan Fallding (on her IP&R research), Penny Milson (Heart Foundation), Tracy Schumacher (Uni of Newcastle), Vanessa Burow (ALNSW) and Natalie Drage (Cessnock City Council). Lots of discussion and press coverage. The first in a series of four (through 2018) focussing on how to best utilise Local Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to promote active living and healthy eating (including the Planning system!)

Memories of Tamworth – the Wiggins  family ran the Family Hotel in the forties. On my last visit (for the Tamworth Development Corporation), I stayed in the Slim Dusty Suite (pictured, Slim and Joy).