Danny Wiggins has been a Planning consultant for thirty years, specialising in statutory planning systems and local planning controls. He has worked for all three levels of government, and a range of private sector clients.


As a planning consultant, Danny specialises in the statutory planning (and certification) system in New South Wales, with particular interest and expertise in the development and implementation of local planning controls and development assessment systems. More recently he has been advising councils on Local Strategic Planning Statements (and councils' Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework). He is an active member of the 'Healthy Planning Movement' (including the soon to be released publication 'Liveability and Local Government'), and has coordinated training programs on urban design. 


Danny is an experienced facilitator, having organised and presented over 100 sessions for public and private sector clients on a range of planning and Government-related topics.


Danny has provided curriculum designs for many undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education courses. He is a casual lecturer at UNSW, UTS and UWS

Specific examples of projects are provided under  "Current Clients' and 'About DW' on this website.