Eurobodalla Rural Lands Strategy

Wed, 2014-11-05 14:48 -- Danny Wiggins

Gearing up for a series (10 sessions) with stakeholders on Policy Directions for the Rural Lands Strategy.

The brief requires the facilitator to prepare for, facilitate and report on two rounds of stakeholder workshops, as a key element of the Policy Directions Phase of Council’s Rural Lands Strategy Project. The output will inform Council’s planning guidelines, including the five-year LEP review.
The broad methodology is in accordance with Council’s existing Community Engagement Strategy, of which this project is the third phase. There will be two rounds of workshops: the first round of 5 sessions aims to present relevant information to participants, with tasks in the intervening week feeding the second round of detailed discussions on policy directions. A draft overview (confirmed by participants) will be an input to Council’s deliberations.