Owners Guide to DAs

Wed, 2017-10-18 12:09 -- Danny Wiggins

Building upon the DA Best Practice Guide, the DP&E have commissioned me to produce a written Guide and a Seminar Kit for non-professional applicants.

The purpose of the Guide is to provide advice on the DA process for small-scale residential development. The Seminar Kit is based on the successful Inner West Councils two-hour DA seminar. 

The primary target audiences are:

  • land and property owners extending or rebuilding their principal place of residence
  • owner developers
  • small scale non-professional developers 

 In addition, the Guide is targeted at:

• Building designers 

• Project ‘granny flat’ specialists/sales consultants: packages from industry – ‘we’ll do it for you’

• Neighbours

• Sales consultants (giving pre-purchase advice)


Types of development covered: the Guide covers domestic-scale residential development and construction, from alterations and additions to dual occupancy. More specifically, it covers:

• Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling

• Construction of new dwelling houses, including project homes that are not ‘complying development’

• Secondary dwellings (granny-flats)

• Dual occupancy