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Newcastle City Council Review of Standard Conditions

In response to the State Government requirement for all councils to redraft and reformat their standard/ bespoke conditions of consent, Newcatle's 300+ existing conditions were reworded and re-located (with a title and reason for each), to follow the Department of Planning and Environment's Guidelines and Toolkit, in preparation for storage and access through the NSW Planning Portal. A challenging and rewarding exercise, in particular because the reform builds upon my work in this area through approval reform and certification training – in most cases it is the building and subdivision certifiers who must deal with conditions in satisfying development consents.

NSW Department of Panning and Environment Training

Prepared and delivered a series of six (repeated) one-day training sessions for State Significant Development and State Significant Infrastructure Assessment Officers. As many of the staff are specialists, the objective of the program was to provide an overview of the NSW Panning and development assessment system; for some it was a refresher course. Under the UTS Institute for Public Policy and Governance banner, the sessions were a duet with Stephen Krimmer. Great to work with Stephen and with UTS.

Shoalhaven Community Wellbeing Strategy

On 10.10.2022 the Council adopted the Shoalhaven Community Wellbeing Stratey. This followed a lengthy community and stakeholder (external and internal) engagement process coordinated by John O'Callighan, Jordan Kelly and co. from JOC Consulting. It was my great pleasure to work with John, continuing our friendship commencing with the UNSW Planning program. Congratulations to Casey Holtom (council's social planner) on all of the hard work. I was fortunate to have worked on this project.

Liveability and Local Government guides published

The Heart Foundation, Active Living NSW and the NSW Government have published 'Liveability and Local Government: embedding liveability into council's strategic planning processes. I was the writer on the team, working closely with Laura Oakley (of the Heart Foundation) for over 18 months. Finalistaion was delayed by Covid and missed the introduction of Local Stratergic Planning Staements (LSPS) by councils, and a missed a number of other recent developmets (including the bushfires and the pandemic).

Despite the delays it is a useful resource for the current reviews of councils' Community Strategic Plans (given the upcoming 2021 elections). Also, the LSPS process in NSW (especially in Sydney) was rushed, and the advice stands for ongoing reviews and updates. For Local Health Districts and other stakeholders it is still a valuable resource on understanding and utilising councils' strategic planning activities.

On the same day, the Heart Foundation published the third edition of the 'Guide to utilising councils' Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPRF) to promote Active Living and Healthy Eating' and an overarching, simple guide to accompany these two detailed resources. The IPRF guide was reviewed and updated by Karen Legge. I am pleased to see the update, as I was the writer on the Team for the first two editions (2010-11) for the Premier's Council For Active Living.

Model Conditions of Consent Project

I am working with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on model conditions of development consent for residential development. This element of the DA process is a long-standing interest of mine, featuring in the various DA process reviews that I have been involved with. They have also featured in my certifier training activites, as that crucial interface with development consents.

This project has been in progress since 2018, engaging with councils and other stakeholders. Draft conitions have been prepared. This stage will refine the draft conditions, address some other development types and consider implementation issues . Further engagement with councils, certifiers and other stakeholders (being undertaken by Eltons) will feed the review: a webinar, survey, workshops and pilot program. In addition, guidelines are being prepared by Tara Madden (of Topdeck).

Sanctuary Point District Library

Appointed by Shoalhaven City Council to prepare and deliver a Pre-DA Community Engagement Strategy for the new Library, as a member of the Brewster Hjorth Architects Team. This  commences with three Community Workshops in early December to inform the Concept Plan. The detailed concept plans will be exhibited on a Presentation Day in February 2021, followed by a formal exhibition period for the DA.

Shoalhaven Community Well-being Plan

Appointed by Shoalhaven City Council (my home council) to prepare their Community Health and Well-being Plan. I am very happy to be working with John O'Callaghan (JOC Consulting) on this exciting project, especially with their demonstrated skills in community engagement – a key element of our methodology. 

The project is an opportunity for me to focus the decade of work on Healthy Built Environments with the Premier's Council for Active Living, Active Living NSW and the Healthy Planning Expert Working Group, and also to widen the scope to other aspects of community well-being. As well as community and stakeholder engagement and the final plan, the project will also provide an Action Plan and an Evaluation Framework, embedded in council's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework).


Election as Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)

What a pleasant surprise, on August 17, being elected as Life Fellow of PIA.

This is usually celebrated at a PIA function but, because of COVID, I had the opportunity to invite 20 of my colleagues to share the presentation at a zoom session. Many stories were told by the group and myself from my career so far. Quite emotional. 

I often ask myself 'who am I working with?', as a measure of how I'm going. When I looked around the room I was very happy with the answer.

Face to face at Shellharbour City Council

Great to have people in a room, rather than on zoom. My first face to face session since mid-March. The sessions were with council's Internal Referral Staff, numbers 2 and 3 in a program that started in March.

The Program, as a key element of Council's Development Assessment (DA) Strategy, acknowledged the significance of expert input in the DA process, put this stage in the context of the overall process and explained the breadth of the DA planner's role. Some of the key issues discussed were consideration of up-front submission requirements, coordination of conditions of development consent and the facilitation of solutions..

Active Living NSW Implementation Framework Project

The groundwork on the Framework commenced with working sessions at Central Coast and Ballina.

Both successful, with lots of local interest and case studies/ implementation ideas from councils and Local Health Districts, to feed our draft framework. Worked as a Team with Laura Oakley, plus ALNSW assistance and Ministry of Health presence. Standard format for our program – clear on Councils' Strategic Planning Frameworks, showcasing local HEAL initiatives and workshopping opportunities/ constraints and solutions. Really enjoyed the plane flights and the chance to get to know new ALNSW staff.

Two final locations (Mid-North Coast and Wagga Wagga).

While the final Framework has been prepared it awaits approval before becoming publicly available. Unfortunately, the delay has meant that advice on Local Strategic Planning Statements has not been available for the first round of Statements. However, the advice, plus coverage of the broader council strategic planning requirements and on Local Environmental Plans  and Development Control Plans continues to be most relevant, especially with the upcoming council elections and the State Government's intent to require ongoing reviews.

LSPS training – Central Mid-west/ Orama

The latest in the UTS Roadshow for the DPand E. Two good days with Neil Selmon. The first for me in the non-metro areas. Timing much better, compared to the short deadline in Sydney (with the GSC's Assurance Regime. 

Local Infrastructure Funding at Port Stephens

Two day in-house training program with Greg New, Lindsay Taylor, Stuart Simington and council staff.

Focus on Planning Agreements (and value capture) and the detail on development contributions. King's Hill land release as a case study

Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) Training Dubbo

The DPE LSPS Roadshow at Dubbo for the Central West and Orama region

First non-metropolitan two-day session with Neil Selmon. The program covered the basics of the new system – purpose of LSPS, key elements, process and timelines. Interactive sessions, including briefings from the DPE and council progress reports. After 2 full days a long 4 hour wait at the airport (final plane, Friday night).  


Active Living NSW Implementation Framework Project

The purpose of this Framework/Guide is to recommend appropriate actions at the local government level to assist in the implementation (and ongoing sustainability) of the provisions of the NSW State Government’s ‘Healthy Eating and Active Living’ (HEAL) Strategy.

The project commenced late January and will run until late 2019. In particular,it aims to assist councils to integrate HE and AL into their various strategic planning processes. It is a project in two stages: firstly, a draft Framework, followed by four working sessions (around the state) to refine the resource. The Project Manager is Vanessa Burow (ALNSW Manager) and key players are the Local Health Districts across the state.

Good Governance Forum (Local Government NSW)

A presentation on 'Professional Practice and the Planning System' on Thursday November 29.

Covered the basics of the planning system, identified corruption-prone activities and suggested how we can best avoid such situations. The paper drew from the ICAC, UNSW Professional Practice Course and my own 'war stories'. Shared the stage with a range of auditing and governance speakers, including the NSW Auditor-General (Margaret Crawford), Governance Manager of LGNSW (John Davies) and the NSW Information Commissioner (Elizabeth Tydd).

Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPS) Training

Appointed as part of the UTS Institute for Public Policy and Goverrnance Team to organise and run, for the NSW DPE, a series of training sessions.

The training is for council staff, councillors and practitioners, and will commence this year with a Sydney session for staff and councillors, moving to other Sydney and non-metropolitan locations in 2019. 

The LSPS is a long-awaited bridge between the wealth of State Government reigonal planning initiatives and local planning strategies and actions, in particular, amendments to council Local Environmental Plans. Of equal significance, the LSPS is an opportunity to link planning action to councils' broader Community Strategic Plans.

PIA Planet Series – Healthy Planning, August 1 2018

Participating facilitator for a special one day seminar

The seminar was part of the Planning Institute of Australia (NSW) Planet series. Organised by Vanessa Burow (Active Living NSW), with my input, and featuring Professpr Susan Thompson, Norma Shanke-Williams (Chair of the NSW Healthy Planning Expert Working Group), Steve Moore (Roberts Day), John Small (Stockland) and the team from Wollondilly (Council plus NSW Health). The day concluded with a  a 'fast-dating' style session on key current documents and a good discussion on how they fit within the NSW Planning system.

Your Guide to the DA process: small scale residential development

Writer on the Team

The Team comprised the DP&E and a number of councils from around the State. Great to see your work on the DP&E Home page. A good product, nominated for a PIA award, following on from over a decade of Leichhardt/ Inner West Council's DA seminar series

Last PLAN 4142 class at UNSW

A celebration with the last of the 8 day UNSW Bachelor of Town/ City Planning final year course, PLAN 4142 Professionalism, Ethics and Politics.

Always my favourite job, giving me the chance of researching and teaching the three topics in the title plus workplace psychology, organisation and management, negligence and other elements of professional practice. The course is morphing into the new-look PLAN 3003, same title, one of 5 Practice Courses in the new-look Bachelor of City Planning Course

Shoalhaven week – CBD matters and Active Living Seminar, May 21 – 24

A big work-week for me at home in the Shoalhaven

Firstly, as facilitator for a workshop with the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Committee and Councillors, to discuss priorities and operations. 

Secondly, the fourth, final and one of the best Active Living NSW Seminars. A great day, with a full range of speakers, including council staff and Culburra resident Karen Legge

WSU Field Trip

On Monday April 30 I led 54 WSU students on a field trip to NSW Parliament House and the Land and Environment Court.

With the assistance of Rowena Butland (WSU) and Matt Harker (Lindsay Taylor Lawyers) we met at PH and then sat in on a range of court cases before a debrief back at PH. It was tricky with so many students, but it was a success.


Teaching at Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University have engaged me to teach Planning and Environmental Regulation in 2018.

This is an opportunity for me to re-cast my resourses and interest in planning law and administration through WSU's Planning Program. The Unit is mandatory for some students and an elective for others. So far 50 or so enrolees! The program builds on that offered previously by Laura Schatz and includes input from ParraCity council and a field trip to the Land and Environment Court

Active Living in Tamworth

Facilitated a one day session for Active Living NSW at Tamworth in December

A successful session with Tamworth Regional Council (and surrounding councils), Local Health Districts and health professionals. Following a keynote address from Dr. Jennifer Kent (Uni of Sydney), papers were presented by Jan Fallding (on her IP&R research), Penny Milson (Heart Foundation), Tracy Schumacher (Uni of Newcastle), Vanessa Burow (ALNSW) and Natalie Drage (Cessnock City Council). Lots of discussion and press coverage. The first in a series of four (through 2018) focussing on how to best utilise Local Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to promote active living and healthy eating (including the Planning system!)

Memories of Tamworth – the Wiggins  family ran the Family Hotel in the forties. On my last visit (for the Tamworth Development Corporation), I stayed in the Slim Dusty Suite (pictured, Slim and Joy). 

Owners Guide to DAs

Building upon the DA Best Practice Guide, the DP&E have commissioned me to produce a written Guide and a Seminar Kit for non-professional applicants.

The purpose of the Guide is to provide advice on the DA process for small-scale residential development. The Seminar Kit is based on the successful Inner West Councils two-hour DA seminar. 

The primary target audiences are:

  • land and property owners extending or rebuilding their principal place of residence
  • owner developers
  • small scale non-professional developers 

 In addition, the Guide is targeted at:

• Building designers 

• Project ‘granny flat’ specialists/sales consultants: packages from industry – ‘we’ll do it for you’

• Neighbours

• Sales consultants (giving pre-purchase advice)


Types of development covered: the Guide covers domestic-scale residential development and construction, from alterations and additions to dual occupancy. More specifically, it covers:

• Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling

• Construction of new dwelling houses, including project homes that are not ‘complying development’

• Secondary dwellings (granny-flats)

• Dual occupancy






UNSW From PLAN 4142 to PLAN 3003

The five year BPlan Degree is now a 4 year Bachelor of City Planning. As a result, after well-over a decade, the fifth year course I teach, PLAN 4142 (Professionalism, Ethics and Politics), is replaced by a shorter version (PLAN 3003), in 3 X 2 day blocks, as one of four 'practice courses', while the students are in practice.

This is a welcome move for me – a challenge to distill the content and present it at three key points in the practical year: on commencemenrt of work (January), mid-way (July) and on completion (January), and it rolls-on. Still this year and the next for PLAN 4142, in transition.

Delivering the DA Best Practice Guide

In response to the Premier's Priority (speedy DA assessment), and pressure from the Federal Government (both under the banner of housing affordability), the NSW DP&E have prepared the Guide: best practice, targets and key milestones. I have been asked by the DP&E to assist with advice on how best to deliver the Guide to key local councils.

A draft Report is with the Department, forming part of what I assume is ongoing action and groundwork.

Department of Planning and Environment's DA Fee Review

I have been appointed to review DA fees, providing input to the 2017 Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation Review.

The Report will idenfify and provide a rationale for the actions during the DA process that should attract fees. The project builds on previous work undertaken by the Department (and others) on the issue – Deloitte on fees that were to be accompany the ill-fated Planning Bills, IPART on the cost burden to councils of State requirements and a series of Business Process (DA) Mapping exercises undertaken by the DP&E. As well as peer reviewing theses document I am also interviewing five councils. This has commenced.

An interesting job for me given my backgroung with DA processes over the last 30 plus years

PCAL Roadshow August 2016 – Wagga Wagga and Ballina

After presentations and working sessions In Western Sydney and Circular Quay, the Team was off to the regions. The capacity building sessions focussed on how Local Government's 'Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework' can be utilised to promote HBEP's Three Domains – Active Living, Healthy Eating and Community Connectedness. DW as facilitator and participant.

At both places, the keynote address was delivered by Dr. Jennifer Kent, with presentations by local councils and Local Health Districts showcasing local initiatives - Town Centre Masterplans, Transport Strategies and Partnership Building. This was followed by a workshop activity on the IP&R Framework.

At Sydney airport, waiting for the  plane to Wagga Wagga I had the joy of running into my first true love, Sue. We were gobsmacked. It has been thirty years. 

Reading about Henry George

Just finished reading this new biography of Henry. The title continues to be most relevant .

I am a long-standing HG fan, with his interest in how "progress" and poverty continue to co-exist, and his dedication  to the principal of equity. He promoted the notion of "unearned increment" (in the value of land) and land tax (as the best form of tax). Most relevant with all the current talk of paying for infrastructure provision and the potential of "value capture".

The biography also covers Henry's successful. yet ill-fated career in politics, also of interest to me in teaching Planning and Politics – from principles to the harsh realities of factions and elections.

Diabetes Day

I facilitated this full day on diabetes prevention for Western Sydney, a hotspot. 

Really stretched my facilitation skills, with over 100 attendees and 20 or so speakers. The speakers and co-chairs were from a broad cross-section of disciplines and sectors, and was promoted by the Premier's Department (responding to his childhood diabetes objective). We presented and discussed the evidence and generated a range of options for action – an input to a Western Sydney Diabetes Strategy. Of course, this included the role of Built Environment professionals. 

The ambitious session was successful in achieving the aim of the day – prompt mobilisation of the various forces under the auspices of the Premier. 

Working at the Gehry Building

First time teaching in this UTS building..

Outside, a great piece of sculpture in an old semi-industrial setting. Reminiscent of Antonio Gaudi.

Inside, all the mod cons, great teaching space.

PCAL & WSROC FORUM: Planning an Active Western Sydney

On October 29 I facilitated a one day forum on Planning for an Active Western Sydney, culminating in the WSROC Mayors signing the Walk 21 Charter. 

The morning session featured a number of speakers, with a keynote address from Ben Rossiter (Victoria Walks) and brief presentations from Parramatta and Fairfield Councils and Stephen Moore (Roberts Day). This was followed by group work on the main theme – how to use the IR&R Framework to promote active living. 

A collaborative approach on complying development

Working as part of the UTS Centre for Local Government team (for the NSW Department of Planning and Environment) on an education program on exempt and complying development for local government.

The outcomes will be a one day workshop, an eLearning module and a formal ppt presentation. The project also involves a review of current resources (e.g. the Electronic Housing Code) and documents (e.g. information sheets, FAQs).

Wodonga Facilitation

Facilitted two workshops for Wodonga Council on Active Travel, as part of their draft Integrated Transport Strategy. Held at ther Cube.

The first session was with local school representatives and the second was with a cross section of council staff. At both sessions formal presentations were made by Victoria Walks and the Bicycle Network. A successful day – the school kids were terrific (outlining issues for them) and the staff were engaged in the early dsicussion on the need for a whole of Council approach. Great potential at Wodonga, especially for active travel and the revitalisation of the CBD.

Guest Editorial

I was asked by the Planning Institute (NSW) to write the guest editorial for this special edition of New Planner .

The theme of the edition is Planning and Politics, with a great cartoon on the cover from Cathy Wilcox and a range of interesting articles.  Happy reading and voting.

Professional practice at UNSW

Breakfast Day 1 at UNSW final year course 'Professionalism Ethics and Politics'. Well timed given the upcoming election and, hopefully, a revival of the Planning Reform Agenda. Good to be back on campus.

Continuing Education at UTS

Lots of action at UTS for The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government.

Development Assessment, with Associate Professor Andrew Kelly (UOW), Neil Selmon (UTS) and Peter Barber (Director, Sutherland Shire): the basics! Also, Certification Short Course (with Sue Francis, City Plan Services) and Local Infrastructure Planning, with Greg New (GLN Planning), Lindsay Taylor and others. I continue to be involved in course development for 2015 with Geraldine O'Connor (UTS): more on certification, Urban Design for Local Government Planners and Ethics/ Professional Practice


Walk 21 Conference

Chaired a session at the International Walk 21 Conference, organised by PCAL, on Health Evidence and Policy Development in Planning.

Speakers were Professor Susan Thompson (HBEP, UNSW), Paul Klarenaar (Director, NSLHD Health Promotion) and Jeff Oatman (Green Buildings Council of Australia). It went well, with inspiration from Susan, case studies from Paul and an insight into GBCA from Jeff.  Lucky it was held in the Sonar Room and not the Rotor!

Eurobodalla Rural Lands Strategy

Gearing up for a series (10 sessions) with stakeholders on Policy Directions for the Rural Lands Strategy.

The brief requires the facilitator to prepare for, facilitate and report on two rounds of stakeholder workshops, as a key element of the Policy Directions Phase of Council’s Rural Lands Strategy Project. The output will inform Council’s planning guidelines, including the five-year LEP review.
The broad methodology is in accordance with Council’s existing Community Engagement Strategy, of which this project is the third phase. There will be two rounds of workshops: the first round of 5 sessions aims to present relevant information to participants, with tasks in the intervening week feeding the second round of detailed discussions on policy directions. A draft overview (confirmed by participants) will be an input to Council’s deliberations.

Building Professionals Board: Certification Practice Guide

The BPB has appointed me as Writer on the Team to prepare the Guide.

The Guide will clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the various players, in particular private and council certifiers. In addition, it will outline the key stages in the process, providing advice on specific matters.

NSW Food Forum 2014

I presented a paper at the NSW Food Forum 2014 at my favourite building (The Grace Building) on my Mother's birthday, March 11 (she would have been 107).

The paper was titled "Tools councils can work with to create healthy food environments", and focussed on the PCAL Resource: "Utilising the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to promote active living and healthy eating".

Adelaide with the Heart Foundation

I was invited to work with the Heart Foundation (and other members of the SA Active Living Coalition) as the SA State Government commences their Planning System Review. This follows from my active involvement in the NSW Review over the last 2 years.

The session featured papers from Wendy Bell and myself: on "An Ideal Planning System" and Lessons from NSW" respectively. At this early stage in their Review (Listening Stage), focus was upon articulating the scope of Planning (to include health), with a workshop session to develop Key Issue Statements in relation to significant matters for community health and well-being. Details are available from the SA Heart Foundation

Healthy Food and Council's IPR Framework

I am currently updating the Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL) "Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Resource" to cover healthy eating.

In 2010 we prepared the resource titled "Addressing active living through councils' Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework": a guide on dealing with active living through community engagement and Community Strategic Plans to the action-oriented Delivery Programs and Operational Plans. After last year's State election PCAL had their charter extended to cover healthy eating. As a result of this, and the release of the updated IP&R Manual, the Resource is being updated to cover healthy eating objectives and actions (and tweek the active living component). Due for a draft in November.

Planners in the Pub

A fun night as a panellist at Wollongong's Brewery to discuss "Selling Community Consultation"

Joined on the panel by Carey McIntyre (Shellharbour) and Laurel-LeeRoderick (DP&I), with Carla Rogers (Evolve) as facilitator. My "catchphrase" poster prepared with Jonnie and Rebekah at Milcstudio (Orient Point).

UNSW Professional Practice 2013

Just wrapped-up this final year BPlan Course: Professionalism, ethics and politics. Fifty students, after practical experience (with most still working).

This continues to be my favourite annual project. Enthusiasm from them and a chance for me to work on those deep and meaningful topics: ethics, politics, psychology, negligence etc. Won the Deans Award for this subject in 2012. Picture is my view of UNSW 1971.

Healthy Planning Roadshow

Picture: Matthew Smithwick

A successful Roadshow with Susan Thompson to Albury and Griffith: aeroplanes and a road-trip.

That's eight down: Port Macquarie, Canterbury, Shellharbour, Penrith, Newcastle, Albury, Griffith and central Sydney. On each occasion with a council planner (or two) to provide a local context. This worked well. See also my Images and the HBEP website:

Picture: Matthew Smithwick

Bordermail Story:

White Paper work

Up to my neck in it! Continuing to work with the Premier's Council for Active Living and the Healthy Built Environments Program (UNSW): one day forum with a broad range of health-related professionals.

Working with UTS Centre for Local Government on updating Courses, including a bold move - integrating White Paper Strategic Planning Framework with the Local Government IP&R Framework. Also, advising the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

Shoalhaven CCB Forum

Facilitator for this half-day session (Saturday March 23), with representatives of the Community Consultative Bodies (CCB) and Council (Councillors and senior staff), to discuss improving the relationship. Formal presentations and general discussion. Positive vibes. Working on the Overview of Proceedings now.

Planning for health and well-being

A series of successful HBEP sessions with Susan Thompson at Penrith Panthers with health professionals: how the Planning system can assist in the provision of supportive environments for community health and well-being.

Number 5 in our 10 locations across the State in 2013.

Back to Work

Great view from home, thanks to Davey Hockney and Joan Wellings.

After a Xmas break its back on: gearing up for my favourite job (UNSW Professional Practice) and the HBEP Healthy Planning travelling show (with Susan Thompson).....and waiting for the proposed Planning Bill!

Yass Shire Visit

The Mayor Rowena Abbey at the Strategic Planning Workshop with Yass Councillors, as part of their Community Strategic Plan review.

We shared a lively discussion and covered a range of local and regional concerns.

Sanctuary Point District Library

Appointed to produce an engagement strategy for the new district library

Election as Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)

What a pleasant surprise, on August 17, being elected as Life Fellow of PIA.

This is usually celebrated at a PIA function but, because of COVID, I had the opportunity to invite 20 of my colleagues to share the presentation at a zoom session. Many stories were told by the group and myself from my career so far. Quite emotional. 

I often ask myself 'who am I working with?', as a measure of how I'm going. When I looked around the room I was very happy with the answer.

Election as Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia

What a pleasant surprise. On August 17 2020 I was elected Life Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).

While a presentation is usually conducted at a PIA event, because of Covid I was able to select 20 colleagues to join me for an hour on zoom. This was a privilege and very touching for me, with complements and stories from my career to date. I also told a few stories.

In conclusion I described how I often ask myself this question – 'Who am I working with?. I looked around the zoom-room with a big smile and a tear in my eye.

Local Infrastructure Funding at Port Stephens

In-house training on Local Infrastructure Funding Course 

A two day program with Greg New, Lindsay Taylor, Stuart Simington and a cross-section of council staff. Focus on Planning Agreements (and value capture) and the details of contributions planning. King's Hill land-release as a case study. 

New Website Live

The new website is live!

2013 sees the launch of my new website.

I'll be posting articles and information on a regular basis.